Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for a full appraisal your appraiser will need to access your home in order to take a few pictures and take some measurements.
A typical residential appraisal appointment takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the size of your home.
Pictures are required by banks and financial institutes in order to show the condition of the property and the veracity of information in the report.
We, like most service businesses work a typical 9 to 5, Monday to Friday week. However, when circumstances arise and we are able to accommodate, we sometimes book appointments outside of those normal business hours. Please note, during the winter months we do require daylight in order to take photos of the exterior of the property and the general area. Also, we value our weekends with our families too, but each appraiser has varied commitments and will sometimes accommodate if they are able to.
We strive to deliver quality reports in a timely manner. Most typical residential appraisal reports are submitted next business day after viewing. On occasion, when circumstances arise, it may take longer to receive your appraisal.  If you need it done quicker, please let us know so we can do our best to accomodate.
No. The appraisal is not a reflection of your personal habits, cleanliness, organization etc. Photos are taken to show the condition and quality of a property that directly effect it’s value in the current market. Structural soundness, additions, renovations, materials, windows, lot size, exterior condition and other attributes are what are being evaluated. Please note, a clear path to each room and the ability to move freely to take measurements is always appreciated as is a mention if there are circumstances that may inhibit an appraisers ability to view each room.
For properties outside of the Edmonton area we do charge a small mileage fee. This is to cover the rising cost of fuel and the time an appraiser must spend on the road. A mileage fee is an industry standard implemented by most appraisal firms in Alberta.
Contact us using the Get a Quote Form and let us know where you live. Your city or town may just simply not be listed as we cover a broad range of towns and counties. If your property is a considerable distance from our office, we do have a referral system and can give you the name of a qualified appraisal partner in most cases.